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Episode 28: Multiple Income Potentials

Friday 20th September 2019

In this episode, Michael explores the idea of building potential income streams, in the hope that if one of them takes off, the upside payoff will give unlimited potential. He talks about why he made the decision to work part time - in the hope of using more of his time to work on various projects which might have a bigger upside in the long run.

Michael mentions how financial Independence isn't just a financial journey, its a personal discovery journey!

He talks about how to leverage other people's time and focus on taking baby steps to shift your focus from a single income steam, to multiple income steams.

Here is some examples of some projects you could start:

1. Start a service business and invoice clients directly. I would recommend Freshbooks as an easy and efficient way to send clean and professional looking invoices.
2. Start an online retail business. Look to sell on Amazon, Done Deal or Ebay. Sell something you are passioniate about.
3. Get into financial trading. Come along to a free webinar and learn how you can trade the markets.

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