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Welcome! My name is Michael and I am on a journey towards financial independence.

In 2018 I started my journey towards financial freedom. I was sick of selling my time for money and realised that through the power of compounding interest, I could work towards financial independence.

For me, the most important thing my money can buy is freedom for myself and my family. My ultimate goal is to build a portfolio that can cover our annual expenses - at that point, we will be truly financially independent.

I record podcast episodes and provide monthly updates on progress in blog format. Join me as I discuss my journey towards financial independence and hear about the challenges and successes I have along the way.

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Latest Portfolio Update

September 2022 Portfolio Update

Tuesday, 4th October 2022

I sat down in September to crunch the numbers on my investment properties. One of the frustrations in Ireland is that 50% tax rates mean that rental properties with mortgages typically provide no positive cash flow. While this is frustrating when building your portfolio, I made the realisation that when 20% tax rates are applied, positive cashflow is possible from mortgaged investment properties, though it would likely require me to manage the properties myself.

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Latest Podcasts

Dealing with the Daily Grind

Wednesday, 21st September 2022

In this episode, Michael describes daily working life for him. He briefly described what has happened to him work life over the last 12 months or so and explains how he handles getting through the daily grind. He discusses how he views work and how he comes up with early exit strategies in the event that he decides that the daily grid isn't worth it.

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12 Inflation Busting Money Saving Tips

Friday, 26th August 2022

In this episode, Michael shares a list of 12 ideas to help reduce expenses. With inflation running at 40 year highs, reducing expenses can be a great way to tackle the impact on inflation.

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Buying Property in 2022

Friday, 10th June 2022

In this episode, Michael shares his story of buying an investment property in 2022. He shares his high's and low's of activity looking for an investment property in Limerick - and explains what has changed in 2022 when buying a property.

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