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Welcome to The Irish FIRE Podcast. My name is Michael and I am on a journey towards financial independence.

Originally from New Zealand and now living in Ireland, I am happily married and a father of three boys!

In 2017 I made the decision to start to journey towards financial freedom. I was sick of selling my time for money and realised that through the power of compounding interest, I could work towards financial independence. In a two year period from 2018 to 2019 I grew my portfolio to over €90,000.

For me, the most important thing my money can buy is freedom for myself and my family. My ultimate goal is to build a portfolio that produces enough monthly income to cover my monthly expenses - at that point, I will be truly financially independent.

I also enjoy podcasting and blogging on financal independence. Join me as I discuss my journey towards financial independence and hear about the challenges and successes I have along the way.


Latest Podcasts

Episode 61: Name Your Sacrifice

Monday, 7th September 2020

In this episode, Michael discusses the sacrifices one needs to make when pursuing financial independence.  He relates it back to his own decision and mentions why he realised that his time freedom movement was taking him away from his ultimate goal of becoming FI.

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Episode 60: Talking Financial Independence with Ken, from the Humble Penny

Monday, 17th August 2020

In this episode, Michael talks with Ken, who runs the blog "The Humble Penny". Ken is based in the UK and become financially independence at aged 34.

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Episode 59: Buying an Investment Property with No Deposit

Tuesday, 4th August 2020

In this episode, Michael provides specific details about how he was able to put a deal together to use equity from his home to purchase an investment property in Ireland.

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Latest Articles

A Guide to Getting the Support You Need as a Solopreneur

Tuesday, 26th November 2019

Solopreneurship is one of the most attractive ways of achieving financial independence and work-life balance. You get to choose your own hours and be your own boss, with your success and income limited only by what you can achieve. However, going at it alone means taking on a huge amount of work. What they don’t often tell you is that most successful solopreneurs know how to look for support, whether it be in the form of tech or other people, in order to focus their efforts on what they do best.

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Tailoring your FIRE journey to your lifestyle

Saturday, 19th October 2019

There’s no denying that the FIRE movement is gaining popularity around the world, but it’s important to keep in mind that what works in one country, may not work for them all. Here are a few tips to apply your FIRE journey in Ireland to your lifestyle.

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Latest Testimonials

Joao - Portugal

23rd September 2019

Been listening to your podcast for some time now, and greatly appreciate both the solo and the ones with guests. I think you're doing great traversing the somewhat unexplored European jungle of the FIRE mindset

Senan - Lucan

13th September 2019

I’ve been listening to your podcast for the last few months and have never been so excited about money and thinking of the future!


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