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My FI Progress

I have been documenting my progress towards FIRE since I started in 2018. Initially, I only did an annual update, however since 2021 I started recording my progress on a monthly basis. My articles cover changes to my investment portfolio, as well as share my thoughts and forecasts at the time of writing.

My progress was slow to start, but as I concentrated on keeping our expenses in check and increasing our income, our progress got better. I made a lot of bad investments early on, but eventually found a balance with stocks and property.

Update as of June 2022

I have recently made the decision to remove my progress updates from the website. I do expect at some point I will look to republish this information - my reason for removing this information is largely around privacy concerns.

If you are looking for my latest progress details, you can subscribe to my newsletter. I will continue to give monthly updates to my newsletter subscribers.