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January 2021 Portfolio Update

Thursday 4th February 2021

From 2021 I will be providing monthly updates on the portfolio and passive income.

In September 2020 I went back to full time work, after working part time and semi casual hours the two years previously. It was great to be adding around €4,500 a month to my portfolio for a few months

Portfolio Report

Let's start with the portfolio update. Here is the summary:

Portfolio Summary (as at 31st Jan 2021)
Opening Balance125,549.27
New Contributions€4,534.23
Portfolio Capital Gain + Income€1,620.14
Closing Balance€131,703.64

Monthly Portfolio Growth Report

Monthly Portfolio Growth Report
Capital Gain + Dividend Income from Equities€1,151.21
Real Estate Income€373.81
Forex Trading Income€68.04
Peer to Peer Lending Income-€28.74
Cryptocurrency Capital Gain€55.82
Total Change€1,620.14

Portfolio Breakdown

Finally, the table below shows the breakdown of my portfolio into the various asset classes:

Portfolio Asset Breakdown (as at 31st Jan 2021)
Real Estate€63,600.6448.29%
Forex Trading Account€1,268.040.96%
Peer to Peer Lending€1,371.061.04%

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