Irish Financial Independence & Personal Finance Podcast

Events & Resources

The following is a list of regular events, as well as other resources and projects which I have been part of:

Limerick FI Meet Up Group

Monthly Meet Up

I co-host the Limerick FI Meet up group. We meet monthly. If you live in the Limerick region, feel free to join the group so you can come along to the next meet up!

There are also groups in Dublin and Cork if you live in or near those cities.

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Portfolio Tracker

Free Online Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker is designed for those who are pursuing financial independence and are looking for a software that will add accountability to your FI journey. Portfolio Tracker is a simple, flexible investment software that will allow you to see the growth of your portfolio over time, without being complicated to maintain.

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An Dúlra Co-Op

Native Woodland Investment Opportunity

An Dúlra Co-Op is an Irish initiative hoping to make a positive difference, by establishing Irish native woodlands. Irish residents can become shareholders of the co-op and become part owners of newly established Irish forests. I co-founded the co-op in September 2020.

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