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Life After Rugby - The Jamie Heaslip Interview

Tuesday 28th April 2020

In this episode, Michael talks with former Irish Rugby International Jamie Heaslip. Jamie provides insights into what hes doing after rugby, but we also talk about the processing of success when playing rugby.

Jamie talks about how he manages his investments, knowing that his rugby career was going to finish in his 30s.

He talks about how he looks to create wealth, through investing in assets

We talk about how Jamie is dealing with the COVID 19 crisis, based on how he dealt with the highs and lows on the rugby field.

We talk about the process of beating the All Blacks in 2016 - and how the team were able to work backwards to work out a plan to beat the All Blacks.

We talk about what success means to Jamie and how he goes about the process of achieving success.

We talk about his involvement with Flender and how he sees the future of the P2P Industry in Ireland and the future of Flender.

Quotes from the episode:

"To create financial wealth, you need to own something"

"Don't stick your head in the sand.... address things straight on."

"Hard work beats talent a lot of the times"

"People are very quick to pass over wins.... you need to get comfortable not being able to control everything"

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