Irish Financial Independence & Personal Finance Podcast

Introduction into financial freedom

Wednesday 5th June 2019

Michael gives us his background about moving to Ireland in 2011 and explains about how he is planning on being financially independent, by cutting expenses, investing for monthly income, leaving the rat race and taking more opportunities.

He explains how him and his family felt they were in the rat race - the work / spend cycle, which Michael wanted to escape from. He is perusing financial freedom and actively trying to work away from selling his time.

He talks about how his family have cut expenses by reducing needless expenses and how they live in a small house to allow themselves to archive their goal.

He explains that he invested €40,000 in 2018 and is now actively investing for cash flow (monthly income).

Michael moved to part time work in September 2018 and is on track to invest another €40,000 in 2019. Since cutting down to part time work, Michael explains how he has been able to take other opportunities as a result of having more time to pursue things he is interested in.

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