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Donal - Cork

26th August 2019

Amazing content and insight - your podcasts are like my thoughts and goals articulated clearly in a New Zealand accent.


23rd August 2019

It is great to come across someone doing this and sharing their experience in Ireland.

Thomas - Limerick

9th August 2019

I needed something with an Irish tax perspective and from a person with kids... At 40 I don't often get giddy but finding your website has brought me close to it. I'm only on eposide 4 but already looking forward to the episodes ahead.

Chris - Sydney

31st July 2019

I was introduced to your podcast by my Dad this morning and have just finished episode 11 this evening. Absolutely fascinating stuff... This certainly burst the bubble of what I'd always believed should be my career and financial goals.


19th July 2019

It was great listening to you and refreshing to hear someone in Ireland talk about how to make additional income in such a positive way. It has really got me thinking and I’m currently exploring how I would transition from a PAYE employee to a self employed limited company arrangement for the tax and investment benefits that would open up for me and my family.

Brian - Limerick

10th July 2019

Just writing to say I'm listening to your podcast and enjoying it a lot, keep up the good work. I heard you first on Paddy Delaney's podcast and went over to yours from there. Great story about the guy with the balloons!!