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This page shows the yearly breakdown of my portfolio from 2018 onwards.

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It can be difficult sharing a portfolio, especially as early on I made a lot of bad investments. I wish to share my portfolio in the hope that you can learn from my mistakes, but also see how I have been able to grow my portfolio consistently over the years.

My portfolio is distributed between investments in my own name, investments through dmy web development company and through my own private pension.

I will breakdown each year one by one, showing firstly how the capital grew in the period and secondly how the capital is distrubuted between the various asset classes for the period.

Please note: The majority of investing mistakes were made between 2018 - 2020 because I invested in unregulated, high risk investments. The majority of my portfolio from 2021 is largely made up of property and equities. I learn't the hard way and lost significant money investing in Ponzi schemes and investment scams - from forex trading, peer to peer lending, crypto trading and the like. Lastly, I lost money trading Forex using high leverage - I don't recommend this at all. Keep it simple and invest for the long term!


Investment Summary for 2018
New Contributions €37,451.50
Forex Trading Income €5,634.78
Forestry Capital Gain €2,750.00
Capital Gain of shares in Start Up €2,145.49
P2P Lending Interest Income €237.19
Pension Capital Gains + Dividends -€126.69
Closing Balance €48,092.27
Portfolio Return €10,640.77
Annualised % Return 28.41%
Portfolio Breakdown (as at 31st December 2018)
Forestry €20,250.00 42.11%
Peer to Peer Lending €10,361.45 21.54%
Pension (Equities) €5,873.31 12.21%
Forex Trading Account €4,457.38 9.27%
Start Up Investments €4,090.13 8.50%
Cash €3,060.00 6.36%
Total €48,092.27 100%


Investment Summary for 2019
Opening Balance €48,092.27
New Contributions €36,562.48
Forestry Capital Gain €4,375.00
P2P Lending Interest Income €3,257.41
Pension Capital Gains + Dividends €1,989.49
Capital Gain of shares in Start Up €67.03
Forex Trading Income -€2,149.90
Closing Balance €92,193.78
Portfolio Return €7,539.03
Annualised % Return 8.91%
Portfolio Breakdown (as at 31st December 2019)
Forestry €24,625.00 26.71%
Peer to Peer Lending €16,745.21 18.16%
Pension (Equities) €15,739.15 17.07%
Property €14,108.65 15.30%
Forex Trading Account €11,635.54 12.62%
Start Up Investments €8,415.20 9.13%
Cash €925.03 1.00%
Total €92,193.78 100%


Investment Summary for 2020
Opening Balance €92,193.78
New Contributions * €60,025.71
Pension Capital Gains + Dividends €3,377.88
Forestry Capital Gain €2,250.00
Cryptocurrency Capital Gain €182.83
Capital Gain of shares in Start Up €26.28
Property Income -€23.27
Forex Trading Income ** -€2,988.17
P2P Lending Interest Income *** -€5,531.54
Closing Balance €149,513.50
Portfolio Return -€2,705.99
Annualised % Return -1.78%

* In 2020, some of the new contributions came in the form of an equity release, as we turned our primary residence into a buy to let and purchased a new home to live.

** I lost significant capital trading forex with leverage.

*** I lost significant capital as two of the peer to peer lending sites I had been using went bust due to being scams.

Portfolio Breakdown (as at 31st December 2020)
Property €58,885.12 39.38%
Pension (Equities) €41,645.32 27.85%
Forestry €14,475.00 9.68%
Start Up Investments €12,596.14 8.42%
Peer to Peer Lending €2,284.26 1.53%
Cryptocurrency €268.72 0.18%
Cash €19,358.94 12.95%
Total €149,513.50 100%


Investment Summary for 2021 (to 30th September 2021)
Opening Balance €149,513.50
New Contributions €40,465.11
Property Capital Gains + Rental Income €20,758.71
Pension Capital Gains + Dividends €11,174.22
Cryptocurrency Capital Gain €244.43
P2P Lending Write Off * -€1,692.03
Start Up Investment Write Off ** -€4,236.26
Withdrawn from Portfolio * -€19,287.70
Closing Balance €196,939.98
Portfolio Return €26,249.07
Annualised % Return 20.51%

* In July 2021 I cleaned up my portfolio and wrote off some bad investments. I also removed €19,287.70 from my portfolio. These were some unregulated investments I made. I decided to remove them rather than write them off, as they were still active investments, but given the high risk native of the investments, I felt they weren't appropriate for a long term retirement portfolio. In the event that these investments are later written off, I will update this as a write off, rather than withdrawing them from my portfolio.

** An investment I had made in an Australia based start up in 2018 went bust in early 2021 and the start up investment was written off.

Portfolio Breakdown (as at 30th September 2021)
Pension (Equities) €96,375.47 48.94%
Property €83,803.32 42.55%
Forestry €3,600.00 1.83%
Cash €13,161.19 6.68%
Total €196,939.98 100.00%